H1Siri turning to a small scale testing stage

Few days ago, I wrote about the newest Siri port named “H1Siri” by a china dev team “CD-team”.

It seems that they decided to go the route of small scale testing. What this meant is that the H1Siri port that we installed will not work anymore. It is now nothing more then a Siri GUI.

This news came from their Weibo – a chinese twitter like service.

The previous versions of H1Siri is actually a leak of their testing. It was not supposed to be leaked into the public, which explains the crashing of their servers, and us not getting any response from Siri.

Right now, they are working on adding more functions before officially releasing it.

Technically, it is possible to create a siri server using your home computer. However, you will still need files from iphone 4s.

Well, at least it’s fun while it lasted.

Now, let’s see what the community are able to come up with.

Siri ported to non 4s device

Just this afternoon, it was revealed to various websites about a unheard Siri port for non 4s device.

This port was done by a China developer team, named CD- Team.

Although not much is known of this team, it seems that they are working on a untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 in the past few weeks. However, not much is known if they are still working on it.

This port however, is their latest work on the jailbreak scene.

The file, 109 MB big, supposedly enable Siri for non 4S device, namely iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

But does it works as advertised? Let’s find out as I try it on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0

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