Siri ported to non 4s device

Just this afternoon, it was revealed to various websites about a unheard Siri port for non 4s device.

This port was done by a China developer team, named CD- Team.

Although not much is known of this team, it seems that they are working on a untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 in the past few weeks. However, not much is known if they are still working on it.

This port however, is their latest work on the jailbreak scene.

The file, 109 MB big, supposedly enable Siri for non 4S device, namely iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

But does it works as advertised? Let’s find out as I try it on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0

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DeleteMail – One tap batch mails deletion

In iOS 3.x, people complained about the lack of mail batch deletion option. The only way back then was to swipe and delete each and every emails in your inbox.

In iOS 4.x, Apple introduced their batch mail deletion options. You tap edit, and you will have to tap the emails you wanted to delete. But it is still not enough. If you are like me, with mail box flooded with tons and tons of junk mails, this feature introduced by Apple is not enough. It’s impossible to select 1000 mails if you have 1000 mails in your inbox.

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4.2.1 Untethered Greenpois0n jailbreak

You can get it from


As of last week, Chronic team had officially release the Mac version of greenpois0n, and the Windows version few days after.

This greenpois0n jailbreak allows you to jailbreak your iDevice(all supported) with iOS 4.2.1  untethered.


This tool is simple to use. Off your device and close your iTunes before proceeding with the jailbreak.


TIPS: You might want to have a fresh restore before jailbreaking.


NOTE: User who had jailbreaked 4.2.1 using redsnow monte can just run greenpois0n over it. It will still work.

Right now, the Cydia store is being flooded with lots of traffic, and so some of the sources might be unable to work.
Its best to wait a few more days before jailbreaking.


If you need help. just post it below and I will try to help.


Happy Jailbreaking


Introduction to Winterboard:
Winterboard is a simple app which is available only to jailbroken device. It allows you change the theme of your iPhone. Up till now, there are thousands of themes spread through the different forums. Some are paid, some are not. But all are made by different communities of forums. Sick of your boring and dull apple appearance? Then Winterboard is for you!

Different theme helps to change the appearance of different part of your iPhone. Some changes the springboard, some changes lock screen, battery and even sbsettings.
Some examples of theme:

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Saving SHSH Blob

Storing SHSH blob is a very important pre process before jailbreaking. It is a MUST DO process if you dont want to risk bricking your iphone and have no firmwares to revert to.

What are SHSH blobs?
SHSH blobs are specific to your device. It is nessesary for the downgrade of your iDevice through iTunes. SHSH are signatures signed by Apple. Everyime Apple releases a new firmware,they will stop signing the previous firmware. It is adviced to store your SHSH blobs frequently.

How to store SHSH blobs?
1) Download TinyUmbrella here. The developers update their program frequently,so be sure to update it.
2) Launch TinyUmbrella
3) Connect your iDevice

Select “Advance Options”
Select your device
Make sure “Request From” is set to “Cydia”
Click “Save my SHSH”
5)Your SHSH is now saved!