Websites for free games/apps

If you’re like me, always on the lookout for free games/apps, but don’t want to pirate them, there are actually quite a number of websites around constantly updated with daily free games/apps that developer decided to make it free for a limited time.

Below are my personal favorites of website to hoot some shiny free games/apps.

1) Hardwarezone “Free for now” thread:

This thread is constantly updated of free games and apps that the friendly forum members over there discovered, mainly DAREN.

Make sure to always check out the latest post.

2) Apps Gone Free:

This website is my personal favorite. It only includes the best quality free games/apps that are free for a limited time. There is also a review of the games/apps that are free. Definitely check it out if you are looking for quality over quantity, because only a handful are featured here.

There are also many apps in the iTunes store that helps you to find free games, but most of them feature too much games that are not really worth your time.

Here are some you can check it out though:

– AppMiner

– FreeAppADay (Pretty decent)

– Game Spotlight

No matter which website/app you use, always remember 1 thing – Act Fast!