H1Siri turning to a small scale testing stage

Few days ago, I wrote about the newest Siri port named “H1Siri” by a china dev team “CD-team”.

It seems that they decided to go the route of small scale testing. What this meant is that the H1Siri port that we installed will not work anymore. It is now nothing more then a Siri GUI.

This news came from their Weibo – a chinese twitter like service.

The previous versions of H1Siri is actually a leak of their testing. It was not supposed to be leaked into the public, which explains the crashing of their servers, and us not getting any response from Siri.

Right now, they are working on adding more functions before officially releasing it.

Technically, it is possible to create a siri server using your home computer. However, you will still need files from iphone 4s.

Well, at least it’s fun while it lasted.

Now, let’s see what the community are able to come up with.

WWDC 2011 Part 1: iOS 5, iCloud, Mac OSX Lion.

Today, at the long awaited WWDC 2011, Apple announced the few new rumored softwares of the year!

Before the WWDC started, there are already various rumors revolving around the iCloud and iOS 5.

There are many new features in both the Lion OS and iOS 5. Without further ado, let’s get it out point by point about the new products.

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WWDC 2011


Image from twitter.

The time has come!
The yearly Apple WWDC(World Wide Developer Conference) is set to begin today Monday 10am GMT -7.
Tue 1am – 3am Singapore timing.

For those who don’t know, WWDC is a event where Apple announces it’s new product/software for the year.

This year, the most exciting points will be it’s new Mac OS Lion, iOS 5 and also it’s iCloud features.

The long awaited Lion OS is finally announced!

iOS 5 is the most anticipated announcement to iPhone and touch users. It is said to have a revamped and upgraded notification systems. And also, it is rumored to include widget features. It’s all rumors though. However, we can all be sure that iOS 5 will be a very exciting OS upgrade.

Next will be the Apple icloud service. The ability to store songs on the cloud. Will it be paid or free? It will be announced at the conference today.

Next will be the rumored iPhone 5. Will iPhone 5 be released this year? With the recent release of iPhone 4 White and iPhone Verizon, what will be Apple’s next move? It’s certainly exciting to find out.

For those interested, you can use the following link to find out what was being announced when the keynote starts.