Paper Ninja Review

Developer: Real Inverse LLP
Language: English
Ratings in iTune: 357
Openfeint Enabled
Price: $0.99

A game developed by Singaporeans, it has come to be loved by many who had tried this marvelous game.

Similar to the standard throw and slash games(e.g Fruit Ninja,Veggi Samurai),where fruits or vegetables come flying up from the bottom of the screen, and you have to use your finger which acts a sword to cut apart item, Paper Ninja uses a similar concept with their unique gameplay which brings this game apart from it’s throw and slash counterpart.

In Paper Ninja, you will be slicing ninjas trapped in paper(thus the name Paper Ninja). Here comes the challenging part, you don’t have bombs to stop you from slicing,the only thing stopping you are the swords from the Paper Ninja. Every ninja will block different direction, which meant that you cannot have mindless slashing. You will have to think and react fast. The aim of the game is simple, to get as high points as possible.

Tips: Getting a critical gives you more points. However, getting a critical is not that simple. It all boils down to timing.

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There are a few modes in Paper Ninja.

Challenge(Mission) – Pretty obvious what this is.
Paper Dance – You love slashing lots and lots of ninjas non-stop?Then this is for you! Beware of non stop flow of ninjas right at your face!
Fruit Salad – Within the time limit,slash as much ninjas as possible. However, there will be obstacles blocking your slashes.

Overall, this is a good game. With so many modes,constant updates, unique gameplay, this is definetely a must for lovers of slashing games. Spent hours and hours slashing through ninjas on your phone!

You can buy this game in the app store for USD $0.99. A reasonable pricing for such a good game!

My ratings:

Gameplay: 4/5
Sound Effects:4/5 (You get a beautiful sound of swords clashing whenever the ninja blocks your attacks)

Overall: 4/5