Nokia N9 Review.

Meego, Swipe, Curved glass. These are the very few things that attracts me to the Nokia N9. True that the N9 is a relatively new comer with a new OS to the currently flooded iOS, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry. But after using it for close to 2 or 2 & 1/2 months. Read on to find out how N9 score.

Yes that’s right this baby came with an OS called meego. Only unique to the N9 itself, being very new to this market, I’m not surprised if someone see N9 and thought that it ship with a symbian OS, Not at all many will ask what is meego? Is there still room for a new OS? Lets check it out. 🙂

With a Curved Glass, good anti glare With a Gorilla Glass. N9 does a really great job here. Directly under a bright weather, i can view my phone with ease. I’m really not lying, I’ve tried it for quite a few times and my phone didn’t disappoint me. Hard to provide a picture here but my friends Galaxy S and iPhone can’t really compete with the anti-glare that is hidden right under the glass or corning gorilla glass. Splendid! I won’t be doing a “scratch it like a man test” for my N9. maybe you should Google and find out how tough the Gorilla Glass is. 854 × 480 pixel with a 3.9 inch capacitive touch screen the N9 feels comfortable for a long hold.

The Live feed here is integrated and is part of the 3 simple home screens that Nokia is providing. Swipe Left, Swipe Right. The Live feed provides live updates for all your Facebook and twitter, you can just view your latest update for your social networking sites right here at the Live Feed. If you want to comment, just tap and it will bring you to the networking site that you want.

Slide the bar to the left or right to adjust the screen brightness. Nokia cleverly implement all black and white here for the default N9 screen. Black looks really deep with the amoled screen on the N9. When you adjust the brightness you will find that only the white becomes darker or lighter. Brilliant 🙂 You have to check it out yourself, cause the N9 really have one of the better if not best screen out there. I know that the DPI for the N9 cant win the iPhone but it just feels very different. It is not lousy but satisfying and there is no way the Nokia screen can win the Apple Retina Display.

Tap on the top of the screen and you have the ability to switch to 3 modes. Ringing mode which basically means when some1 calls, the phone will vibrate and rings. If you set the ringing bar to full, the ring tone will output at the highest level. The beep mode essentially functions like a silent mode, when you have notifications it will just beep once. Well for silent mode…. well i don’t think i have to explain this. Tap on the availability button to access social networking sites so that you can appear offline or online when you are connected to a WI-fi or a 3G. But the ringtone output i would consider it not very loud, i know many would be disappointed.

Numbers displayed are big and i really love it. Looks cool for the interface too. Tap on the bottom left, you will find yourself looking at the recent call logs. On the bottom right when you tap it, you will find yourself at the contacts area. Nothing much to explain here, simple and sweet let’s move on to the next part.

Actually, i really don’t have much to talk about the web browsing experience on N9. No tabs 😦 Every Time when i need to go to another webpage i would have to open a new web page. Troublesome. But how many would do a regular web browsing on a mobile? I would rather much use my PC. 

Can’t seem to bookmark your webpage? Fret not cause Nokia has one of the weirdest idea, that is to bookmark your webpages and make it looks like an app. Okay interesting but if you want to bookmark 100 sites beware cause you will have to do lots of scrolling.

Interface for the N9 Music is really wonderful. It match the N9 default theme. It is really easy to use and teenager like us really fall in love with the interface and design. Thumbs down for Nokia as they did not include a equalizer for the N9. Music sounds not really that impressive without the equalizer. N9 supports Dolby digital and this is the world 1st phone. But only a compatible headset could support that. Music Art is supported. Most of the songs inside my N9 are currently FLAC.




Not really clear. My sister 4 years old Fuji camera had a hard time focusing a close up shot.

Camera settings for the N9 is relatively easy to understand and use. Sometimes the N9 would auto focus  if not most of the time,  N9 comes with Carl Zeiss with 2x LED flash. Carl Zeiss is really a famous company. The N9 can shoot out really decent good looking photos but it just loses out to the iPhone 4s. I personally tried the iPhone 4s and found out that it beat the hell out of Nokia N9.

I believe the N9 is the 1st Mobile camera that have the wide aspect ratio of 16:9. Images can be captured and squeeze into a single shot. LED on the N9 is really bright, looks marvelous. But the LED tends to make photo a little brighter. Seems like Nokia has not borrowed the required elements of N8 to make the N9 a powerful camera Phone.

The N9 comes with a user guide right inside itself! So cool and thoughtful of Nokia.

The N9 had one of the world’s worst app store. With a limited amount of app to choose from, it is of course why the N9 can’t outperform it’s competitor. Although Nokia is kind enough to put Angry Birds, Need for Speed, Twitter and FaceBook in the N9, but this is not enough. Games are limited with hardly a few to choose from, they are either boring or expensive. But all is not lost there are still some pretty good apps for the N9 and it is just essential for the N9. No Shazam, no SoundHound, no games to play.

The N9 is a typical Cinderella story, but will any one save it? Definitely no! Since Nokia is not going to make a 2nd Meego phone, this phone is born without it’s Parents. It’s father leave it behind, luckily there’s still mum here to take care of the N9. Yes the mum is the developer! Some are really dedicated to the Meego Platform but that is just a twinny tiny bit. Well i’m thinking whether i should ditch this phone a not.

This is currently the games i have on N9, be it free or paid. I know this is really little.

The integrated FaceBook is something that is really wonderful. It almost functions like the Facebook that users use frequently on their PC. But there is still a lot of improvements to be made, but this is really a good one out there. You can upload photos via Facebook.

I always seems to get this message when i open up Facebook. Facebook on the N9 had serve it’s purpose well but it lags like hell too. I would need to give it sometime before i start scrolling up and down. I’m not sure whether the other N9 users experience this. 

Twitter on the other hand is surprisingly fast and does not lag at all. I started to use twitter more often than Facebook on my N9. But for the current firmware version of my phone i can’t upload photos. When someone post a link on their twitter and it’s a Facebook link, i click on the particular link but instead it brings me to a mobile webpage for Facebook instead of the official one that Nokia gave us. This is something that is very annoying as users on the N9 can’t download the Facebook that Facebook has supplied. I tried to download the Facebook app for N9 by going to Facebook but it just wouldn’t install.

Nokia supplied users with a Account app that integrates all of the account that the user has. As you can see, all of the accounts are stored in one location so that you need not keep on keying in your password every time you log in.

Yes. The description is already written above, so nothing much for me to explain here.

The stand by screen is essentially the time that will be display when you enable this. By enabling this option. battery consumption will not be huge.

By taping and holding on a icon, you can easily uninstall apps by pressing the cross button.

There is Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps for the N9. Well there is quite a number of times when my GPS doesn’t track me. I believe you can download other country maps for free. Nokia drive functions like a on board GPS system for your car.

Games generally work well for the N9. No lag whatsoever. The N9 has a single core 1Ghz Processor and a 1Gb Ram. Oh there is finally a full version of angry birds available for the N9.

 This is the last and final screen of the N9. The multitasking 3rd home screen. I was a little curious so i decided to open up apps and put down to multitasking to see whether it will lag the hell out of N9. So as you can see here, I open up like 23 apps including Air Attack, Gears, Angry Birds, NFS, Samurai 2, GT Racing and a few other apps that are not games. With 6 games in multi tasking and 17 non games app active, the N9 surrender as it is heavily overloaded. Swipe to the Home screen is a little lag. Playing the games feels a little lag too. Most importantly putting apps to the multi tasking eats up a lot of battery.

What that weird sticker doing around my N9? Well i will cover this for my next post. The stand by screen enabled, Whee purple digital clock! I know yours come with a white color clock. 🙂 On the top right is the light sensor, cover it for a few seconds and this will make the stand by screen gone thus saving battery. When you are calling, i believe this sensor will also disable the touch panels of your phone so that you don’t accidentally press onto other stuff.

HeadPhone/Earpiece jack, Push and slide so that you can access the micro sim :0

Micro USB Charging. Be careful of the USB door.

Okay after showing you what the N9 is like, Final Conclusion. It is really quite hard to recommend the N9 to anyone. For people who uses the Android, iOS platform there is no chance that they will jump into the Meego path and  sink down with us on a small boat. Yes boat not a ship. I can really tell that the number of users here are really very little, up till now i haven’t even seen a N9 user in the school.


  1. But the N9 is really special in it’s own way. For people who are sick of Android, iOS. This is a relatively new platform and it means a new beginning. But Nokia wouldn’t gave the N9 a chance to perform, who would buy a phone when it was not even out and the CEO already started to say N9 will be the last and first phone? It means that N9 is just a dead phone.
  2. Relatively Expensive
  3. No future available support
  4. Lack of Apps
  5. Might be laggy sometimes
  6. Ringtone volume a little soft
  7. Only single core as compared to dual core
  8. No Equalizer available for stock music player
  9. Using facebook is a headache for me
  10. N9 has a 1450MAH Battery that user do not have the option of taking it out. With casual gaming and wifi, the N9 can last around 1 and a half days.  It is available only at 16Gb or 64Gb no card support
  11. No Adobe Flash


  1. The N9 is really just a good piece of device. A piece of polycarbonate plastic and it feels really good to hold the N9. Once you take the N9 to a dark room, you will only say WOW! I’m not lying cos the black screen and the white words really bring out the Amoled curved glass in the Dark, It looks just so slick.
  2. N9 only have a lock button and 2 volume buttons, it really depends on the OS itself to bring out the ability of the N9. I would have say that the N9 Meego is really a well though out OS. Swipe and Swipe and Swipe it feels so good. Home Button? None.  Back Button? None. Just Swipe anywhere, either from both sides, top or bottom. If you have enable swipe down to close option, then swipe from the top to bottom will exit a particular application.
  3. Double Tap, Swipe to Unlock.
  4. Minimal Buttons
  5. NFC
  6. Smooth Curved Glass
  7. Corning Gorilla Glass, AMOLED Display with Clear Black and Anti-Glare
  8. 1st Phone to Support Dolby Surround 
  9. Easy to use OS.
  10. Easy Camera Settings



Finally i have finish my review for the N9. Comments are welcome, if you are not sure on whether the N9 is your choice then you can drop us a comment. Meanwhile i shall manually update my N9 to firmware 1.2, Shame to the telecos for delaying the update!


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