Nokia N9, Play 360 Speaker Unboxing


Finally i can finally post my UN-boxing of My lovely N9 πŸ™‚



Oh yea My Play 360 πŸ™‚ Gorgeous πŸ™‚

First I’m going to unbox the 360. Hope All of your will like the pictures.

I edit the picture but don’t know why photo bucket didn’t update for me.







Side View




Accessories : A Pouch For 360, 2 Pin Charger (weird), a manual. That’s all for the Unboxing of 360. Read On more for N9 Review. I hope all of you like it as much as i do.

Now for the Lovely MeeGo Device Nokia N9




Nice Nokia Logo. The Box has been slimmed down a lot if you are a Nokia Fan, you would be able to tell.




Holy *****…….Β Β  NICE DEVICE!!! Agree???


The soft cover that Nokia Will be shipping with every Lumia & N9 Device.



I really love how Nokia Pack their stuff now. Economical. Environmentally Friendly. Usb Cable, Ear Phone, Usb Charger



The N9 uses Mirco Sim & a dying phone operating system the Meego Harmmatan, Review for the Nokia N9 would be up soon i promise. The Play 360 Speaker don’t comes with a cheap price. If im not wrong it cost somewhere close to SGD $300. It’s a relatively expensive toy for users to buy. Many would be Turn down by the relatively expensive pricing of the Play 360. The N9 is not cheap either. Stay Tune for the Next Meego Update.


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