Siri ported to non 4s device

Just this afternoon, it was revealed to various websites about a unheard Siri port for non 4s device.

This port was done by a China developer team, named CD- Team.

Although not much is known of this team, it seems that they are working on a untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 in the past few weeks. However, not much is known if they are still working on it.

This port however, is their latest work on the jailbreak scene.

The file, 109 MB big, supposedly enable Siri for non 4S device, namely iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

But does it works as advertised? Let’s find out as I try it on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0

Firstly, I must say I am skeptical about installing this tweak at first. Can’t help it since it came from a development team unknown to me. However, after looking through some mixed reports, I decided to take the plunge and installed it.

After downloading the deb file, I installed it through MobileTerminal.

This tweak, being a 100+ mb file, take quite some time to install. Takes approximately 15mins for it to install. DO NOT quit the MobileTerminal app until it’s fully installed. ( There’s other method to install the tweak, and will be explained below).

Once the tweak is installed, I rebooted my device, and boot tethered.

On first boot, Siri was not connecting to the servers at all. This meant that I am unable to give it any voice commands since it’s not connecting to the server.

On a 2nd reboot, Siri was finally working. I managed to played with it for 10 mins before Siri stopped communicating with the server again.

This is mostly because of the servers that are hosting these data are being overloaded by users all over the world installing these tweak and trying it out.

If you’re interested in getting this tweak, information are given below:

Installing via Cydia:

1) Download the file from or or (password: )

2) Using iFunBox, copy your downloaded file to / private / var / root / Media / Cydia / AutoInstall /h1Siri.deb

3) Turn off your device, and turn it back on by booting tethered.

4) Make sure the package is now in Cydia

5) Navigate to Settings > General > Siri

Installing via MobileTerminal:

1) Download the file from or or (password: )

2) Using iFunBox, copy your downloaded file to /tmp

3) Open MobileTerminal(make sure it’s the latest version. You can get it from

4) Type in:

dpkg -i /tmp/h1siri.deb

5) Wait for it to install(around 10mins)

6) Reboot your device

Following the above instructions, you should be able to get Siri on your device. However, it should be noted that the server is unstable, and it might not be working all the time.

Have fun talking to your phone!

Lastly, here’s some proof:

As you can see, this is defintely not 4S because right now 4s is not jailbreakable yet.

But from the above, you can see that it’s themed, implying that it’s jailbreaked.

And thus, it’s NOT 4s.

Update: There seems to be another version of h1siri tweak.

This tweak claims to be point to a new server which should handle the massive load and solve the “no network” error.

The developer had stated that the servers will be moved tomorrow. Right now, both versions should not have much differences.

Everything have to wait for the servers to be moved before knowing if the newer version is better.

If you are interested in adding the repo, they are:

It is normal if you are getting errors when adding the source because it is overflooded too.

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