Junk Jack Review

Developer: Jacopo Santoni @ Pixbits

Language: English

Price: $2.99


Score: 4/5

For those of you that have heard of Minecraft, you should also have heard about how flexible and robust the game is. With so many fans of the game, it’s no wonder that many games producer tries to replicate the experience  for other consoles.

For those of you who have not heard of Minecraft, let me give you a brief introduction on what’s Minecraft.

Basically, Minecraft is game where you collect raw materials, ores and build your own base while at the same time defend yourself against monsters that tries to eat your brains!

Junk Jack is very similar to that, but a 2D version instead.

The game is more focused on adventuring instead of building, since, you cant really build much mind boggling construction on a 2D game.

The game actually has no real goals. You just have to survive for as long as possible, collecting materials, and ultimately, build your dream house.

Junk Jack is very feature rich. It has most of the mechanism found in its big brother Minecraft. Crafting, monsters, mining, shovels, day&night. All these are all available in Junk Jack.

If you’re looking for a Minecraft/Terraria experience on your iOS device, Junk Jack did a really good job.

However, there are some gripes that keep the game from being  addicting.

Firstly, there are quite a number of bugs. Examples are getting stuck at some random point in the game. You will have to use the “reset” button in the game to unstuck yourself. But then again, sometimes the unstuck doesnt work. This is a new game though, and I believe the developers of Junk Jack are trying their best to iron out all the bugs for a better gaming experience.

Secondly, is the lack of multiplayer. Where’s the fun if you can’t join up with your friends to adventure together. And to show off your building to your friends? It would be really cool if you’re able to play with friends.

Right now, the developers have not indicated any intention to add in multiplayer, but we hope to see it in the near future.

In the meantime, it’s definitely a game worth checking out!

Exploring the dungeons

The crafting menu

Items menu



Another thing to take note is that all your world share the same inventory. So your inventory fills up quite quickly. However, you can also make use of this to create a world specifically for wood chopping or mining.

In a nutshell:


  • Feature rich Minecraft experience
  • Sandbox enviroment
  • Cute retro graphics
  • Good support from developer


  • A number of bugs
  • No multiplayer

Some useful information of the game:

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