Mini Review/Unboxing Dell U2412M

Hi People, this is my mini review for the Dell U2412M.

You should be reading this to confirm your purchase for the Dell U2412M, i suggest readers to read up more on the U2412M by going to . Dell is always the place to shop for quality IPS monitor, and the newer series in the line, the U2412M offers users like me a cheaper variation to get a good quality monitor without me spending more than USD 500+. Okay here is the unboxing pictures.

looks cool uh? It is one huge box and there’s lot of cushion for our U2412M. Dell takes good care of our stuff.There’s free shipping always.

The smaller box actually contained the power cable.

Drivers and the documentation. Till this date i haven’t open it up.After u install the CD there’s suppose to be some power saving mode available i believe.

All the accessories, no HDMI and Display Port cable Available. No HDMI port available for the U2412M. Only VGA and DVI cable included.

Oh i forgotten there is a USB cable included. Well who cares.

This is truly good stand. It is very stable and doesn’t wobble. Provides a firm connection for the U2412M. Great! The stand is a little heavy too.

1920 x 1200 I believe most users are looking for this kind of resolution?

The back of the U2412M don’t really look nice, but when the put together with the stand, it’s just a sexy sleek monitor.

Okay from here you can see that there’s a Display Port, DVI Port, Vga Port, erm that one should be for the Dell SoundBar i guess and we have 2 usb ports.

The backlight bleeding issues is generally okay for the U2412M, the way you took the picture can also affect the outcome of the backlight bleeding, but there is only a little BLB on the top left and right corners, it is expected after more hours of usage, the BLB issues will be gone.

Below are some picture i took when in game.

Hope this pictures help. But any way, a 8ms gray to gray monitor should be decent enough for gaming, that is what i believe, Dell U2412M offers 60hz refresh rate which of course is not the highest that is available. playing Crysis 2 and COD:Black Ops, i didn’t notice any ghosting. I think 6ms is fast enough to make ghosting available.  Dell U2412M is a 24inch e-IPS LED monitor, 24 inch is actually quite large…. i almost can’t get it fit on my computer table. Do not judge from the pictures and think that 24inch is actually not big enough for your viewing. 23 inch would be enough for some of you if you do not have sufficient space to fit the monitor.

16:10  aspect ratio, this is actually very good as most monitors are using the 16:9 ratio, 16:10 ratio makes viewing web pages more easily as it is wide enough, i don’t experience any black bar when I’m viewing movies or animes. With the newer e-IPS technology panel from LG, it helps user to cut down electricity cost as it is using LED and IPS means wide viewing angle. It makes viewing much better from either sides. You can tilt your monitor any way you like with the installation of the stand, as i said earlier the stand does not wobble at all and this is actually very important to users, i can rise my monitor turn it left or right or tilt it up higher without any problems.  e-IPS  is actually a cheaper version of IPS and this monitor costs SGD $439, i got a $50 discount and this makes it $389 which is actually quite affordable, + there is free shipping and as i said ealier the U2412M is a very heavy monitor. It took 3 days for my monitor to arrive way tooo cool.

From the stand. there appears to a large hole, what is that for? Well actually it is cable management, clever well thought design. U2412M also comes with some good Anti-glare hard coat, i can assure you that the anti – glare is of good quality, i compared it with my laptop anti-glare and the U2412M anti-glare proves to be more dark. Adjusting the Brightness, the U2412M will display a energy usage. The U2412M offers blur-free viewing with it’s e-IPS Led, colors are nice and vivid and DELL offers premium panel Guarantee for their ultra – Sharp series. 

Dell chooses to offer a touch button on the U2412M and not the sensitive touch which we see on their more expensive series, sometimes when i try to switch off the monitor no matter how hard i press it the monitor just wouldn’t power off. But when i on the monitor it doesn’t seems to have this problem. With a good monitor like U2412M are you still using a 3 year old Graphics card with VGA? I suggest you change your graphics card and use the DVI cable instead. It is much more better using DVI cable to view than VGA as DVI uses Digital Signal. People Uses IPS monitor as they want the better color produced out from the screen, this is where cheap TN panels can’t match the quality of the IPS monitors. If you are willing to forgo your money and a slower response rate for your Monitor but in turn for a better viewing clarity and Color production this is really the monitor that I’m recommending to users. But with no HDMI port this is really a sad decision by DELL. A inclusion of a HDMI port would be a + as most monitor currently have HDMI ports available. Pictures never looks so good before.

Once a IPS user always a IPS user. 😀

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