3D Display announced For PS3

Looking for a 3D Tv to connect up with your PS3? Look no further as Sony announced a 24inch 3D Display.

2 HDMI Port and with a VA Panel it has a response time of 4ms which is very fast and critical to gamers as it ensures no ghosting. But there are other available options out there in the market which some even offers a better specifications i believe. Bundled with a HDMI 1.4A cable , 1 3D glasses and a resistance 3 software for USD 499.99. 1 thing i do not like about is the 3D glasses, it requires charging and 3D glasses which requires charging are actually a little heavy. I personally love the non-battery operated 3D Glasses offer by LG, it is very light and i can overlap it with my spectacles.

Weighing 45g and USD 69.99 will Sony be able to attract 3D consumers for it’s bundle? But so far i believe Sony 3D packages lineup is the only available option that is consider quite “affordable”. The Bad thing about the Glasses is that it requires charging and it can’t really last long. That is a very huge disadvantage for users like me who are looking out for packages for 3D display. 45g may sounds light but not so when you are actually wearing it for quite awhile.

All pictures and sources from Sony Playstation.

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