Air Penguin by Gamevil

Game Title: Air Penguin
Price: $0.99
Developer: Gamevil
Game Center Support


Taking a first step into the world of casual gaming, Gamevil had made it’s debut with its cute little penguin!

Air Penguin is a new casual gaming title by Gamevil. Gamevil is known for its hot selling RPG titles such as the Zenonia series, and not to forget, ILLUSIA!

This time round, Gamevil took a different approach, away from its RPG titles.
To players who adore cute games, this game is for you.

Firstly, let’s step into what modes are available in Air Penguin.

There’s 2 modes: Story & survival.

Story mode is where you proceed stages by stages. According to gamevil, there’s a approximately 100 levels in story mode.

In survival mode, there’s no stages. Your only objective is to take your cute little penguin as far as possible from the starting point.

Story mode stage selection.


The gameplay is very straight forward and simple. Before the stage starts, you will have 3 seconds to callibrate your tilt.

After the 3 seconds, the game officially starts, and your penguin will starts jumping on the ice platform.

Tilt the device forward, and your penguin jumps forward. Tilt backwards, and it jumps backward. Tilt left for a left jump and right for a right jump.

At the start of the game, it is really easy. But as the game progress, there will be sharks, sword fishes and others obstacles which hinder your progress.

The game is not all about jumping on ice platforms though. There are some parts of the stages where you will be sliding your way through obstacles. The way the penguin moves is simply too cute!

All in all, this game is definitely worth it! With the latest update, you can even listen to your own music while jumping and sliding through the ice.

Cute penguin, relaxing game, nice music, what more can you ask for while waiting for your bus to arrive?

What are your views? Having a fun time sliding through? Leave a comment below.

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