Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

How many of you are expecting this? Hhahaa if you are fast enough, you should be able to know by now that Assassin’s Creed: Revelations will be releasing in November 2011.

Altair, Ezio, Desmond with these 3 returning characters in this game, how will the story turn out to be? Ezio will be traveling to Masyaf  to relieve Altair Memories.  Ubisoft Singapore will also be helping out with the development.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

OMG!!! I’m SO EXCITED!!! Thank Goodness that MW3 will be releasing. As some of you might have know, there’s some dispute going on  between infinity ward and Activision. But since MW3 is coming out now i assume the dispute has been settled.

The Story carries on after MW2, with Russia with it’s continuing of invasion to the U.S and the Euro. Who will emerge Victorious? OOhh Captain Price and Soap Mac Tavish  will make a return in this game. Will the U.S forces purse them? Or will they help to end the war?

Heem should i Pre-order the PC or the PS3 Version? Limited Editions And Special Editions Will be announcing soon i guess. Let’s enjoy the trailer.

Link to the Official Site :

Coming Out on 11.08.2011

inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition: UnBOXED!

This is a unboxing done by the Playstation Team. It is inFAAMOUS 2! I would love to try out the game, heard good comments about inFAMOUS 2 but just do not have the time to buy and play it. Well for me, the Hero Edition is really not worth buying. Sorry Sony, i do not like the idea of getting a bag and some statue. Meanwhile Enjoy the Pictures. OOOhhh click the link hahhaa CorenessTech will not be unboxing it 🙂

DeleteMail – One tap batch mails deletion

In iOS 3.x, people complained about the lack of mail batch deletion option. The only way back then was to swipe and delete each and every emails in your inbox.

In iOS 4.x, Apple introduced their batch mail deletion options. You tap edit, and you will have to tap the emails you wanted to delete. But it is still not enough. If you are like me, with mail box flooded with tons and tons of junk mails, this feature introduced by Apple is not enough. It’s impossible to select 1000 mails if you have 1000 mails in your inbox.

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God of War Portable Collection

A good news to all God of War Fans out there! Looks like The God Of War series that is being released in the PSP will be released for the PS3. The game play will be exactly the same as the one that you have played on your PSP, except that it will be in higher resolution, better sound and better graphics.  It will most likely be available on July 7 for the Asia region.

Now how many of you will choose to take up this game?

Kana Nishino – Esperanza

She has easily become one of my top few artist which i will support. I really love the songs her latest single Distance i really found it to be a really wonderful song.

Her new single will be out in May 18th. As usual she still looks cute as ever. Her new album will be out sometime soon. Will update again Cheers!

Meanwhile Enjoy the Video! Thx to the Uploader. Nice Quality

Official Site:Kana Nishino

Catherine “Love is Over” (Deluxe Edition)

I think it will be hard to play this in the living room after all. Estimated released date to be July 26 2011. Catherine is an adult game that will feature some erotic scene. By now the Japanese people would have finished playing their copy of the game. Vincent must choose between to preserve his love with his long time Girl friend or choose Catherine. Vincent must escape from his nightmare before his the next one to be dead.

The Deluxe Ed  includes a pair of boxer identical to those worn by Vincent; a T-shirt, also worn by Vincent and Catherine, featuring four heart with the word “Empty” beneath them; a pillowcase featuring artwork of Catherine and the game logo; and a replica of a pizza box from the game’s “Stray Sheep” restaurant, which serves as the external packaging.

All pre-orders of the game, either standard or deluxe, will include a “sound disc” (soundtrack) and art book so pre-order yours today!

L.A. Noire

Being a detective, player assumes the role of Cole Phelps. As you play through the game, you will rise in rank and that allows you to have a partner to help you in your investigation. From the trailer I’ve seen, player must investigate and question suspects. The game will take place in the year 1940.

Why decided to have this post? As i think that this game will be a very fun and interesting one. So far I’ve never seen any PS3 games that feature crime solving genre. Rockstar Games will definitely not disappoint us. Available in PS3 and Xbox360 will be released in 17th May which is a Vesak day in singapore.