t-JAYS Three Unboxing

I never bought any earpiece before. All i get was those bundle earpiece which offer you normal listening experiences. Till 1 day

My earpiece Died! Used my sister earpiece which is not a in ear kind. Well i usually used my 6 years old Creative Zen Vision M during the journey and with so many people speaking and talking in the bus or train, you cant really hear every single bit of the music and that is not really enjoyable.

A good listening experience should be when noise is reduce to the minimal and you can clearly hear the music and the instruments that is present within it and what i really like was to hear the bass thumping oooohh that really feels good. Within the price range of 160 SGD and 170SGD there are really a lot of brands to go for. Like Sennheiser, Ultimate ears, Etymotic Research, Monster. These are quite a no. of good brands to think of when people are deciding for a good earpiece.

Was looking at a pair of cheap earpiece that ranges from 39.90 SGD  which skullcandy gladly offers to user. Ask my friend for recommendations and he introduce me to a pair of Jays earpiece. He recommended me for a-Jays Three that retails for 98 SGD, a-Jays was slowly gaining popularity when i 1st heard of it. Looks nice and accessories ranges from series to series. Decided to go for a-Jays One, then slowly to a-Jays Two and finally decided to buy a-Jays Three.

Hey wait! Isn’t this about t-Jays Three? OOh yes after that then i was also attracted to the t-Jays series. After much consideration of t-Jays 1 to 3. I finally decided to lay my hands on a t-Jays two and a t-Jays Three. Luckily enough the shop was kind enough to let me test the t-Jays two 1st. t-Jays two sounded not bad, i mean it was good for a earpiece that cost SGD $138. The person told me that t-Jays two can produce a wider variety of sound, erm hard to explain and hard to experience but the t-Jays two does it job well. Sound produce are soothing enough that i don’t want to let go of it.

Didn’t have enough time to test out the full capabilities of t-Jays two, i went straight ahead to t-Jays three. t-Jays three was brilliant! The difference is that t-Jays three have a stronger bass, and it went bomp bomp bomp. It was very nice indeed, i have to change the EQ on my creative player to clam down the Excited Earpiece. I used custom EQ on my Zen Vision M as i do not like the preset EQ present on my Zen Vision M. For a price of SGD 168 i was a little quite heartbroken as i bought the earpiece but i definitely do not regret my decision on buying it. t-Jays three have a nice rubber feel when touched.

Was testing out the earpiece at my living room where my dad was watching his movies with a LCD. I plug in t-Jays three and with a volume of 6 in my Zen Vision M. Everything was brilliant! Although you still can hear a bit of sound from the movie itself but unless it is a huge explosion or loud talking other than that you can hear the music being played to you without any disturbance. Some might be wondering volume of 6 isn’t it a little soft? The answer is a No as vol of 6 and with the t-Jays three it is actually a bit loud if your surrounding is some sort of quiet.

I have to change quite a no. of times on my EQ for my player in order for the t-Jays three to not be too overly powered in bass. We are offered an extension cable that is 70cm long. That makes me wonder why they chose to make the earpiece 60cm. Well i can’t really find fault with JAYS for their decision. If you are using the t-Jays three at home i rather prefer a 60cm earpiece as it is a sufficient length for you to raise your head and turn your head in any direction without feeling the earpiece being too short nor too long. But 60cm is not exactly long either so it is best if the player and the earpiece is close to you. But when im out and with the extension cable and earpiece connected together it can prove to be a nuisance when the whole wiring is swinging here and there and the connector swinging around it just feels too frustrated. I usually put my player inside my left pocket after plugin in the extension cable plug to my player and putting it inside my pocket, the problem arises. The music will sound quite off and i will start to take out my player and adjust the head of the connector to my Zen Vision M. Sometimes it just happens when im walking or taking the stairs but luckily the problem don’t exist quite often to be prove a nuisance. With a mere volume of 10 to 11 im a happy man when im in the bus or train, well im not too fussy as i still get to hear the noise of the train moving but music can be heard clearly. So what i do for the wire problem is that i put everything inside my shirt the wire won’t shake around nor do you need to be worried that an object come into contact with with t-Jays three

What JAYS offer us with t-Jays three is their 10mm dynamic driver with a sensitivity of 98db, Impedance of 16ohm and a frequency response of 15Hz -25Khz.  Don’t know what all this means? Read through some guides on earpiece specs but what i firmly believe is that you have to test out the earpiece to decide for yourself. Data is just a rough guide the most important is you test it out yourself. Erm did i mention that it have a 2 years warranty? t-Jays three earpiece is design of somewhat cool and sexy + sleek, i can fit with the ear-buds that is present within the earpiece itself. Heard from some review sites that not all people can wear the t-Jays three comfortably which i don’t know how come. I prefer to wear the t-Jays three inverted as it proves to have a good fit for me, if i wear the earpiece normally with the t-Jays word on the earpiece showing it self towards the front i find it quite erm….. don’t feel safe enough hahhaa. It is a hard thing to be written out on words maybe that is the reason that some people can’t wear it properly.

What you see here is what you will get. t-Jays three have the sexy pac-man travel case given, it is rubberize black and glossy black. The travel case can be somewhat of a problem if you can’t open it properly. Sometimes i even have trouble opening it, but if you are somewhat of a person who don’t like to carry a bag out with you when you are shopping then the travel case would be sleek and slim enough for you to put it in your pocket. If you do carry a bag with you when you go out then erm you can either opt for a larger case? Maybe one like a lunch box? JAYS offer us a very unique way of opening up their products. You have to open up the OPEN HERE label and with a handy screwdriver i poke it in and push it up. It is good as you can then know if you are having your JAYS product with no one tampering with it before hand. I usually do not close the case fully as it is quite troublesome but it is very fun to unbox this t-Jays three. Very nice product from JAYS, if you do not have a lot to spare you can try the a-Jays series. But if you can spare out 100+ then t-Jays is worth a look. JAYS shall be earpiece product that i will have from now on hahaaa.They even teach you how to clean your earpiece and how to keep it inside your travel case very cool 🙂 I really took my time to write this so please comment if i did a good job :0 Thank You

7 comments on “t-JAYS Three Unboxing

  1. When u try to open up Jays Products, you can’t push the earpiece case up as there is a curb where there say “open here”. Therefore use a screwdriver to push it down to open. V.Nice design it ensures that you are the very 1st owner to use / open it.

    • Hope You Enjoy it. But for the 1st time try to burn in for about 10+ to 20+ hrs. After more and more usage T-Jays Will sound more better.

      Please tell me how you feel about t-Jays Thank You.

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