Cydia 1.1

Cydia most awaited update has just been released!!
Cydia 1.1!

The developers of this update(chpwn & saurik) had spent hours upon hours of their time to improve their codings, improve the speed of cydia, better graphics and user interface.

With this update, you will have:
– better reload times
– ‘easier to understand’ warning/error messages
– enhanced graphic

Best thing of all, it’s easy to upgrade.

Let’s get started shall we?

Step 1: Fire up your cydia. Tap on changes and reload it to allow cydia to load the changes.


Step 2: Once the reload is complete, a message will pop out and prompt you to update the essentials file. Tap on complete upgrade or upgrade only essential files. This will update your Cydia to version 1.1


Your files to be updated may be different from mine, depending on which packages you installed.

Step 3: Allow Cydia to do it’s thing. It will take around 5 – 10 mins, depending on your connection to the internet and also how much files is updated.


Step 4: Once the update is complete, it should prompt you to restart your device. Restart it.


Step 5: Once the restart is complete, launch cydia and you will be on Cydia 1.1, almost automagically!!

Congratulations! You are now on Cydia 1.1! Enjoy the speeds and UI improvements by the hardworking developers!

Below are a few screenshots of the new interface.





Enjoy! Post a comment if you have any question and I will answer! 🙂

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