Celeste – Bluetooth file sharing


Developer: Cocoanuts

Let’s face it, iPhone is not really a all round perfect phone. Theres bound to be some drawbacks here and there. But 1 thing people loved about iOS is that there are many apps that make up for it.

1 major drawback of iproduct is the lack of bluetooth file sharing, which phones 5 years ago are capable of doing it.

The reason apple did not add these function is because of some issues with copyright musics.

However, recently, a new tweak was released to do just that – bluetooth file sharing.

Although there are a few apps that allow bluetooth file sharing before celeste, e.g iBluenova, those apps are already discontinued and does not support the latest firmware.

With celeste, you are able to share songs, contacts,videos,images,read pdf files and even ringtone!

The best thing about celeste is that it is seamlessly integrated into the iPhone individual apps. No settings required and you are ready to start sharing files!

For every copy of celeste purchased, you get a free copy of Gremlim, which allows music/videos received by Bluetooth to add into your iPod library, iTunes syn ready.

However, this tweak is reported to be a little buggy. However, those bugs will most likely to be addressed in the near future.

There is 3 days sales price going on now.

You can purchase your copy of celeste at the Cydia store now for $7.99(launch price), original price is $9.99.

As it is still buggy, you might want to wait till the bugs are ironed out before purchasing, or buy it while it’s at launch price.







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