Loots Of the Month Mar 2011

Hey Hello,

While i was posting some1 was at the door just now, if you’ve read the LBP2 post you would have come across it. Well it was the postman, was kindda surprised that she deliver the item as the registered tracking didn’t update the site -.-

I called it loots because it is kindda worth it la πŸ™‚ got it both for 57 SGD :0 WOAHH so many stamps arhh πŸ™‚ wonder how much it cost to buy the stamp….








Heem games i would like to get next is Resident evil 5, Batman: Arkham Asylum (i wanna play it badly v.fun :0 ), God of war collection. Most prolly this are the games that i can get it cheaper πŸ™‚


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