Been quite a long while since i updated. Since it is a new month I’ve decided to post this unboxing of sackboy. Actually received it quite some time back, but been quite busy. Enjoy the unboxing!















Looks quite nice eeh? This item is intended to make your ps3 games more tidy as you put them in the center of the LBP2 Bookend


Here’s the Game.


Opps some1 at the door…….. BRB 🙂


Here is the cute little plushy of sackboy itself. 🙂  Comes with only collectors edition of LBP2 CE

Pre-order it thru the local gamestore in singapore. Been quite happy with the price as this item only cost me 120 SGD with registered post. Registered post cost me 5 SGD with this medium size box. What this item contains is actually LBP2 Game, The Game end, SackBoy Plush toy as well as an incredible amount of DLC included. For those of you who havent played LBP i suggest you to try out the PSP as well as PS3 version if you have any. Quite a fun game actually, haven’t been able to start on LBP2 yet as im currently playing GRAN TURISMO 5 HHAAA .. ….. =.=


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