Mophie Juice Pack Air Unboxing

Do you always run out of battery when you are travelling outside ? are you always searching for your charger but feel it a hassle to bring it out?

Then, a rechargeable battery casing is for you!

With so many brands out in the market, it sure is hard to find a casing to suit your needs and be nice looking at the same time.

This unboxing/review will be covering the Mophie Juice Pack Ar. This casing is not for hardcore power users. It is for people who just wants to have additional power with just casual gaming on their phone.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


The Mophie juice pack air ships in 2 colors – black and White.
Unfortunately , there is only 2 colors and not more, unlike it’s brother counterpart Mophie juice pack plus which comes with 4 colors.


Anyway, the juice pack air pack 1500 mAH of backup power for use. As you can see, 1500 is considered very little compared to other casing which packs 2000~3000 mah. But those kind are usually very thick and heavy.
On my testing, I am able to charge my iPhone from 20% to 80% , while using the phone all the while.


Mophie air is quite slim and light. Sure, you will surely notice a difference in the feel and weight, but you will get used to it in a few days.


The casing has a switch at the bottom left hand side of the casing and a button at the bottom.

The switch allows you to switch between standby mode or charging. This allows you to use your battery only when you truly need it, and reserve the backup battery for future use.

The button displays the amount of power left in your backup battery. It has has 4 display each displaying approximately 25% of battery each.

The right hand side has a micron USB slot for which you are able to charge and sync with your pc at the same time with the USB cable shipped with the Mophie.

The casing also claims to enhance the audio, but I hardly notice the difference.


The casing is really a good charger.
It’s slim, small , and helps you recharge, what else could you ask?

You can get yours from iStore or iPhone 4 blog at a cheap price today !

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