Thrustmaster T500RS

Unboxing for the Thrustmaster T500RS. Not from coreness tech 🙂

The Official wheel for GT5 is not from logitech, but from Thrustmaster.  The Thrustmaster T500RS is costly  for all gamers of Gran Turismo 5 as it is currently priced at 459.56 in Uk pounds and around USD 599. By the time it got to Singapore the price will be close to a 700+ for the wheel i guess.  GT has also added the compatibility for another driving wheel and it is none other than the logitech driving force GT. Buying the wheel allows you to download a Jaguar XJ13 from the PlayStation store. This wheel packs in an incredible amount of technology in it.

Available in Jan 5 2011 for Euro and North America. Will anyone get the official wheel for the GT5? Check out the Official site for stats of the Thrustmaster T500RS.  Official site :


Mean while here is a unboxing video brought to you by Inside Sim Racing.

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