GT5 Collectors Edition

I know this has been out for a long time. But pretty lazy to upload the pictures. Enjoy!

Bought this collectors edition at around 180 SGD which is seriously damn overpriced! US gamers can get it at USD 99! But for now you can get it around 160+ SGD i believe. I really love the design of this makes it looks better than the Asia collectors version.

Seriously from what you’ve seen here 35 sec. The waiting time is not just 35sec but 15mins or so. I suggest user to install the data to the PS3 HDD before playing Gran Turismo 5 as it will ensure better loading time and optimal game-play. I suggest user to install the data before hand as it will take a long time to install the data as well as the patches included. So be prepared to waste 1h+ or more to sit down and stare at the screen.

1 important thing to take note is that this comes with a US PSN Code for chrome line car redemption. Which basically means that you need to have a R1 PSN account before you can redeem the code. The code is useful for completing some circuit race without you yourself buy a car, therfore saves your GT credits in your game.

I simply forgotten this rule and went on to play and found out that the PSN code cant be used on R3 PSN. Game data cant be transferred to a R1 PSN and play from there which means i have to replay everything!!! This is the part that everyone needs to take note.

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