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Whoa Xmas is coming but 2011 is coming too! For this post i will post about games that I’m interested in  and will be released in 2011.Won’t be covering so much about the gameplay

From the producer that brings to us Final Fantasy. Square Enix is releasing a new game known as The 3rd Birthday. This game actually follows up on parasite eve series. The parasite eve game is a Sony PlayStation classic game. The main character is Aya Brea she has the ability to travel through time thru the over-drive system and has the ability to body swap. Released in Japan on 22nd December. The game will be Released on 2011 for the Euro and North America. Only available on the Sony PSP. Anyway the site looks cool 😀

Visit the official site for more news:

One of my favorite  Gundam! Gundam Musou 3 develop by the guys that bring to you dynasty warrior series, so which means this is a kind of hack and slash game. Haven’t play this game yet so not really sure if this game is worth playing. Featuring lots more gundam this is the main reason that leads gundam lover to purchase this game! But the sad thing is Dynasty warrior is really a game that won’t last long hope Gundam Musou 3 would be better. Released in Japan on 16th December, This game will be released on the english format on 2011 in Xbox360 and PS3. Current status for release is TBA so my guess is that it wont be released anytime soon on 2011.

Do visit their website to check out the list of gundam :

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs being a sequel to Gundam Vs Gundam Next, I have really High Hopes for this game. Currently Extreme Vs is only available in the arcade. I hope that Extreme Vs will be ported up to the PS3 console exclusively as Gundam Vs Gundam Next and Next Plus is also available on the PSP . No news about Extreme Vs being released on the PSP but by the looks of the old series i believe Extreme Vs will be released either on the PSP Or PS3.

Do visit thier site to check out the list of gundam:

Sequel to Crysis, Crysis 2 will be the 1st game of the series to be released on multiplatform. Currently the releases date will be on the March 2011. 2 Special editions of the game is being announced.

Sequel to the 2009 PS3 released Infamous 2 will be an upcoming game for the PS3 due for released in 2011 and may feature support for the playstation Move.

Cool I’m so loving it! Uncharted 3 is going to be released on the 2011.  Being a sequel to Uncharted 2: Among thieves. I believe that this game will be even a greater hit than the Uncharted 2. What i will be looking forward is the high quality game-play as well as high quality graphics being present in Uncharted 3. Uncharted 3 will also be supporting stereoscopic 3D. My hope is that they will be releasing a triple pack containing Uncharted, Uncharted 2 as well as Uncharted 3.

Whee Sweet sack boy is laughing because Sony is gonna suck our money dry 😀  Originally stated for release in 2010 LBP2 has been pushed back to 2011 Jan most likely to support the PlayStation Move and the newer firmware release.  Collectors Edition has been announced for the North America which i had already Pre-ordered in case the CE of LBP2 runs out as fast as GT5 CE.

Sequel to Killzone 2. Killzone 3 will be another PS3 Exclusive. It will support 3D as well as full support for the Playstation Move which i think is a must for a game like Killzone. Scheduled for released in Feb 2011, Special Editions for Killzone3 has been announced.




Featuring some sexy adult scene. Catherine will be a game for horny gamers like me WHEEEE! Being developed by the producer who brought persona to us. Catherine is believed to a HD game and will be released in Japan on Feb 2011 with the English version TBA. I believe the game-play will more to be like Persona gameplay.

Short post for the upcoming games hope all of you will like it.

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