iOS 4.2.1 (4.2) firmware update

Once again, Apple pushed out a brand new update after months from it’s awesome 4.1 update.

More info about iOS 4.2:

As usual, jailbreakers and unlockers of idevice should stay away from this update, to prevent the loss of your jailbreak.

Iphone/ipod touch 1/2/3  and older version of iphone 3gs will be able to jailbreak with pwnage tool nevertheless.

Iphone 3gs newer version,iphone 4 and ipad will not be able to jailbreak for now.

There’s also a possibility that the upcoming jailbreak might be tethered for newer devices. But all hope is not lost yet as @comex is trying to do up a jailbreak with exploit from limera1n/greenpois0n.


Let’s keep all our seat belts tight as new jailbreaks comes in our way!


P.S: If you are unsure of which firmware to update etc,using what tools to jailbreak etc, there will be a unified list coming soon.

Also coming will be details of terms like SHSH, tethered/untethered jailbreak and in depth explaination.


Stay tuned!

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