Tweak:Fullscreen for Safari

Tweak: Fullscreen for Safari
Hosted: Bigboss

Price: $1.99

Without Fullscreen Safari

With Fullscreen Safari



Notice the difference? Interested to know how to get it? Read on!!

Ever wanted more space for your iPhone when surfing the net using safari?
Using other web browser as replacement for the fullscreen which safari lacks?

Fret not, your saviour is here!!

Introducing cydia tweak: Fullscreen for Safari, this tweak truly saves your life!! Thus tweaks not only offer fullscreen, it also throws in many different gestures to make up for the lack of navigation( tab front tab back, bookmarks etc).

The different hand gestures includes two fingers tap, three finger tap, two tap and pause and many more.

With the latest updates, it now includes a action menu for the user to use at their disposal!!

This tweak is truly a very worthy tweak, which gives you the much needed space for your safari on your small screen.

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