Released Date For GT5 Singapore!

The release date for Gran Turismo 5 will be the same exact date like the America release, 24th November 2010 Wednesday will be the day that all bundles for Gran Turismo 5 be released.

I was actually hoping that the game get released around December. Why?

1st of all December itself poly students actually get a 2weeks break after our common test, so just in time to play Gran Turismo 5 without worrying too much about our common test.

Secondly, Well you see i was actually hoping to pre-order the driving force GT bundle which includes the wheel. The cost of SGD 255 is really expensive for some gamers, yes it is expensive for me too. Since it is the recommend selling price from Sony, the rest of the stores selling this bundle will most likely follow this price.  I still have not saved up so much yet, HAIZ……….

So for now just hang on tight for the game to be RELEASED!


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