Jailbreak Table(iPhone 4)

As there are currently too many iphone devices and jailbreaking method, I will start afresh and only do with iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 only.

So here goes:



ios 4.0: http://www.jailbreakme.com

ios 4.0.1: http://www.jailbreakme.com


ios 4.1: limera1n, greenpois0n



NOTE: To preserve your baseband for unlocking, please use tiny umbrella. Tiny umbrella is now updated for ios 4.2 too. Lucky you all iphone 4 users, as it is only for iphone 4 for now.

NOTE: iPhones sold in Singapore are not locked. Therefore, if you bought your iphone from Singapore, you do not need to worry about baseband upgrade.  🙂

GT 5 Unboxing video from PlayStation

Hi, as all of you might have know Gran Turismo 5 released is TODAY!!! AND YES IT IS TODAY! Damn it im so excited even though i have not managed to pre-order GT5.

No worries hahaa there’s still some stocks left and i can take my time to choose whether i want to order the GT5 r3 Collectors Edition or the r1 Collectors edition. The R1 and R3 Collectors Edition both sports a different goodies in it. Not much difference i have to say but the R1 display car is definitely the one that im looking out for.

But right now im still considering wheter to get the collectors edition 1st and get the Driving force wheel or get the wheel bundle straight away. Im at a loss right now 😦


Mean while enjoy the unboxing for the R1 Edition of GT5. Will do a unboxing if i get the bundle soon stay tuned :0


Released Date For GT5 Singapore!

The release date for Gran Turismo 5 will be the same exact date like the America release, 24th November 2010 Wednesday will be the day that all bundles for Gran Turismo 5 be released.

I was actually hoping that the game get released around December. Why?

1st of all December itself poly students actually get a 2weeks break after our common test, so just in time to play Gran Turismo 5 without worrying too much about our common test.

Secondly, Well you see i was actually hoping to pre-order the driving force GT bundle which includes the wheel. The cost of SGD 255 is really expensive for some gamers, yes it is expensive for me too. Since it is the recommend selling price from Sony, the rest of the stores selling this bundle will most likely follow this price.  I still have not saved up so much yet, HAIZ……….

So for now just hang on tight for the game to be RELEASED!


Confirm Release Date For Gran Turismo 5

Sony Computer Entertainment today confirmed that Gran Turismo® 5 will go on sale throughout North America on Wednesday, November 24.

Gran Turismo 5 is an ambitious project, with challenges and complexities which have made it our version of the Apollo Space Program!” commented Kazunori Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital Inc. “When we created the original Gran Turismo back in 1997, we wanted to set a completely new precedent for the racing genre. With the technological leap onto PlayStation 3, our objective with Gran Turismo 5 was to create another great revolution which would not only satisfy our own high expectations, but would meet or even exceed the anticipation of the fans. Satisfying the loyal Gran Turismo followers is at the heart of all of our efforts, which is why it was such a difficult decision to delay the release of the game, and one which we did not take lightly. I can only apologize to everyone for making you wait so long, and I hope that when you try out the wealth of driving experiences available in Gran Turismo 5, you will not be disappointed.” Continue reading

Gran Turismo 5 Pre-Order For ASIA

The Hottest title from the PS3 racing game is finally gonna be released on this year near the holidays season. Most likely before the Christmas season. Delayed for 2~3 times the game has finally get a nod to be released in this year.

Finally gamers of the GT series can be a pro racer by getting their hands on the GT5 Game. More than 70 courses are included to let players experience the joy of driving their dream and famous car brands on world-famous circuits and picturesque locations. Unlimited variations of courses are also realized with the Course Maker function. 70 courses! Whoa that is seriously quite a number of tracks available. I believe users can purchase “premium tracks” through the PSN when it is available.

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