Introduction to Winterboard:
Winterboard is a simple app which is available only to jailbroken device. It allows you change the theme of your iPhone. Up till now, there are thousands of themes spread through the different forums. Some are paid, some are not. But all are made by different communities of forums. Sick of your boring and dull apple appearance? Then Winterboard is for you!

Different theme helps to change the appearance of different part of your iPhone. Some changes the springboard, some changes lock screen, battery and even sbsettings.
Some examples of theme:

You can do so much with Winterboard!

Steps to getting Winterboard:

Ok,so you are interested in changing your theme. Follow this steps to get it.

1) Open Cydia,and search for Winterboard. Don’t worry,it’s free.(Yes,you have to jailbreak)
2)Download it
3)You may have to respring.
4)Start up Winterboard on the springboard and select one of the few default winterboard themes.

You can search for more themes that are hosted on the various repo by searching around Cydia. There are plenty of themes under the “Themes” section of Cydia.

NOTE: You will have to respring in order for the themes to take effect.

If the themes from cydia is still not sastifying your hunger of themes, you can try visiting the Mac Themes Forum or ModMyi Forums.

You may have to SHSH the themes into your iphone /Library/Themes folder if you download from Mac Themes Forum.

Enjoy your Winterboard theme!!

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