Tap Studio

Developer: Drop D Studios LLC
Language: English
Ratings: 242 rating
Price: FREE for Lite version, and $0.99 for PRO version(offer as of 7/10/10)

Free version: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tap-studio/id327063608?mt=8
PRO version: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tap-studio-pro/id353933710?mt=8

Tap Studio is a music tapping game,which is similar to Tap Tap Revenge 3 which many of you are familiar about. You listen to the song as notes come down from the top of the screen and you have to tap accordingly and gain as much points as possible.

However,there are a few points which brings Tap Studio and Tap Tap Revenge apart.

Ever had times when you are playing Tap Tap Revenge,and you got bored of the songs?Sure,you can buy songs packs from the TapStore,but you sure you want to pay for songs? A few songs might be okay, but as you get bored of songs, you will have to purchase it again! All these costs a bomb!

With Tap Studio, you get to download tap tracks made by the community. There are thousands and thousands of songs in the music industry, and so are the taps available for download!

Downloading is simple. Just make sure you have the song you want to download in your iDevice, and everything is good to go.

Tap Studio do not store songs, instead, they store the taps.That is why player will need to have that song in their directory before they can play. Even if the player do not have the song, a option to download from iTunes is also available.

So you now tried the beats from other players, and felt that it is too easy/hard, you wanted to make your taps. HOW?

YES!You can create your own taps and upload into the server,just like how other players did.

To do this, it is very simple. Just tap the “Library” button on the main page, select your song, go through the options, and tap “Record”.

As simple as that!After that, just tap the buttons which you would like the taps to appear in the game.

Just tap the pause button and tap save if you want to complete your recording.

After which you will get a few options.

1) Play your new create song
2) Share with others
3)Upload to the community

To sum it up, this is a very nice music tap game, which can ravel with other hits games like Tap Tap Revenge.

However, my own complain is that you cannot add buddy,no levels and editing your own avatar. With these features, I bet it will be a even nicer game!

Nevertheless, a app recommended for everyone.

There are a few differences with the lite and PRO version.

However, the diference is not that much,which I believe you will still have fun with the lite version.

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