Windows Live Messenger 2011

Whee new update from Microsoft. Featuring the Windows Live 2011! Read on!

A couple of changes has been made to the Windows Live Messenger. First the implementation of the social sites like Face-book. It is  definitely a wise decision from Microsoft.

This implementation from Microsoft was really a wise decision. You have to connect to Face-book first of course. 😀

New Messenger screen. Just click any one will do. Clicking on MSN will display MSN News etc. While the social Highlights is the STAR for MSN live 2011! It displays the social highlights from the social services you connect with.

Click on the social and it is like using Face-book with MSN itself. Nice work done by Microsoft. At the right hand side it shows you all of the contacts who are online. So no more dragging down to see who’s online. Save us a lot of trouble. Especially for users who have categorized a lot of categories for his/her contacts.

Click on the entertainment bar and you will be greeted by tons of news from MSN. While clicking the Online Tab allows you to see contacts you have categorized.

A really wonderful update by Microsoft. A really well-done work! It’s the best currently i think. 😀  Nothing much to complain about. What i really like is the implementation of social sites like Face-book into the new MSN. When people comment on your profile or someone comments back, it will even show the person who commented. Microsoft did consider the fact that a lot of users rely heavily on social sites nowadays. Just click on the social tab and you can comment directly. The New Live Messenger is so Cute that I’m beginning to like it a lot!

So head on down to and download the Live Messenger NOW!

A definitely 10/10 nothing to complain about. Very impressive and well done by Microsoft. KUDOS!

Comments are Welcomed BTW. 😀

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