All about iOS 4.1 Jailbreak

Last Saturday, geohot realeased his beta version of Limera1n, which allows users to jailbreak most idevices in firmware 4.1.


However, alot of users experienced problems. It is adviced to avoid that jailbreak as it is not stable. It’s currently in beta 4.

However,links to those who need it:


Next up, is the long awaited greepois0n from chronic team. This time, it does not uses the SHAtter exploit, as they do not want to waste 2 exploits at the same time. It just makes it easier for apple to patch it. Instead, it uses the exploit by limera1n.

Mirror link:



Guide for jailbreaking greenpois0n will be posted soon.

Greenpois0n ETA release date

A tweet by the chronicteam announces that the 4.1 jailbreak will estimated be out at 10/10/10 at 10.10 am. We don’t know for sure the time zone, but it surely is a estimation of time. Everything looks pretty good now. Just prepare some time for yourself on Sunday for the jailbreak process!
The tether status of the jailbreak is not out yet, but should be good news.


EDIT: It was confirmed that the greenpois0n jailbreak will be untethered. Meaning you do not have to re-jailbreak whenever you restart your phone.


Introduction to Winterboard:
Winterboard is a simple app which is available only to jailbroken device. It allows you change the theme of your iPhone. Up till now, there are thousands of themes spread through the different forums. Some are paid, some are not. But all are made by different communities of forums. Sick of your boring and dull apple appearance? Then Winterboard is for you!

Different theme helps to change the appearance of different part of your iPhone. Some changes the springboard, some changes lock screen, battery and even sbsettings.
Some examples of theme:

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