Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

One of the best titles and franchise around. Does MW2 takes what it has to be another great game?

MW2 offers user special ops and Multiplayer mode aside from the normal campaign mode. Users can also do a co-op with their friends on special ops.

Pops out do appear and do remember to press the correct buttons to evade. Shouldn’t prove much of a problem unless your reaction speed is super slow. 😀

Some missions do require you to breach in order to clear the area. After the bomb exploded, time will slow down. Yes like the movie matrix. Aim carefully and get a few head-shots and you will earn yourself a trophy.

No life gauge indicator available for you to see your health. Seems like most FPS are following this trend. Once hit blood will appear for you to judge how seriously injured a player is.

Once dead user will have a colorful bright red screen. Nice isn’t it?

A Full arsenal of weapons can be found at makarov store house. the mission where ghost was killed along with some of the task force 141.

Claymores are very important in campaign mode as well as the special ops mission. The more the better.

Make sure claymores are plant well and hidden. Best if they are a distance from each other.

Modern warfare 2 Features one of the best campaign mode for players. Story was well written, players play from a variety of different characters. U.S was being framed for the attack on the airport as Allen was being murdered after makarov discovered he was a undercover. His body left at the airport was being discovered by the Russians. Thought to be a U.S supported Terrorist attack, Russians invaded U.S to began a war for revenge. I believe the most famous part of the campaign is that you begin as Allen to assist Makarov to begin the terrorist attack. Killing all of the innocents in the airport.

Shepherd betrays the task force as they recover the intelligence from makarov warehouse. The intelligence might contain shepherd crimes therefore he is forced to betray the task force and killed them. Most likely shepherd wants revenge during MW as he lost quite a number of men as the nuclear  detonates killing a number of shepherd’s men.

Graphics was well done! The rivers, forests even a dead men looks cool. Campaign mode was definitely one of the best, I love it so much! Play it and you will love it too. Laptop computers are featured throughout the whole mission, it contains enemy intelligence, some are really hard to find so you have to explore the map well. Some missions also allows you to control the predator missile strike, whee it is damn fun just direct the missile to the enemy and BBBOOMMM!!

A little Surprise! Well i don’t know if your know there’s this MUSEUM mission. Well nothing special really. Just a MUSEUM dedicated to MW2.

Try it! Grab a weapon and kill the characters. Love to see the expression when they died. 😀

DO NOT PRESS! If you press and sound the alarm, the MUSEUM Characters will jump out and attack you. Sad to say the vehicles can’t be used.

Team Deathmatch in Multiplayer. Slowly unlocked weapons when you level up. Sorry i don’t play Multiplayer on PS3. A number of matches can be unlocked once you earn enough experiences and promoted to a new rank.

Lack of a dedicated multiplayer is really frustrating. Sometimes i have to wait up to like 7 mins to get into a game. But surprisingly this time after i get into a game less than 1 min. Depends on luck. I’m really not good using console. Hard to play and the lousy weapons available for level 1 players might just get you targeted easily. If you are lagging that’s it Bye Bye. HAHAA

I really love the loading speed for this game. Exceptionally Fast! No boring loading screens, you can even listen to mission briefing while waiting.

It’s just like what other reviews says, COD:MW2 is one of the greatest FPS game around. With one of the best game-play available. No wonder it is the greatest FPS that players like. Generating a good revenue for activision and Infinity Ward.

Gameplay: 8.8

Audio: 8.9

Multiplayer: 6.9

Do give me your comments on this post. Thank You.

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