Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires

So how good is the dynasty warriors: Empire series? Read on to find out. πŸ˜€

For the Empire series, you can choose to be an officer or a ruler. Officer will serve under a ruler and will complete assignments that the ruler gave them and slowly rise up through the ranks. I believe the highest rank would be the commander general. A higher rank you have means you have more action choices to use. Completing missions needs action points as well as invading territories. I would recommend to serve under a ruler first as it well give you some benefits.

Ruler have a special options, that is every month you will get a “month of the card”. Meaning the card can only be used at the particular month. Every card you use cost you resource points or action points. So choose the card that benefits you wisely. You can capture an enemy officer once you defeat him/her but it is weird as sometimes after you defeat an enemy officer he/she cant be captured.Β  The system is a little weird though.Β  A ruler can have max 8 officers following during a battle while an officer can have up to 4.

In the Strategy mode you can purchase horses, buy gems and upgrade weapons. Choosing cards are important, some have advantages like restoring troops but cost more resources to use.

Swimming don’t prove to be a problem even though i think the horse will drown in this deep river. But beware though sometimes climbing up proves to be a big problem and you might spend a lot of time looking for staircases.

Special attacks such as Rockfall and true-speed can be acquired through the upgrade options during strategic mode. This can prove to be handy when encountering troublesome enemy officers. Capturing supply bases will be the best of defeating enemies that are secretly planning an attack. This will also boost the morale of the allies troops.

Once you prove yourself to be a great ruler, Roaming officer will server under you. Some officers will betray you and join the other side in the middle of a battle. Lu Bu is one such example. Likewise enemy officers will serve under you if you use a card that will make them defect, but the officers that defect are usually weak ones.

Dynasty warriors 6: Empires features an edit mode that you can edit an officer gender and clothing’s. Encyclopedia that let you know more about the history. You can even get married through the game play too! Swear an oath with a friend and he/she will follow you throughout the journey. Game play wise is still okay even though i really don’t like the camera during game play. Graphics wise it can still be improve on i find the graphics somewhat okay, wont give it a very high score.

Graphics: 6.3

Audio: 6.0

Game play: 6.7

Can be quite a fun game sometimes.

Comments are welcomed. πŸ˜€

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