Developer: Godzilab
Languages:English, French
Plus+ network enabled
Game Center enabled
Price: Free (but with 99 free online contest credits available)
Ratings in iTunes: 1334
Download here.

Stardunk is a brilliantly made basketball game.  You will spend hours and hours of your time mastering this game. You have to use the right angle for the ball to enter the basket. You get to unlock different type of balls and use them at your disposal. Different balls have different requirements before it is unlocked.

Basically,the main point of this game is straight forward. Throw the ball into the basket and score as many points as you can within the time limit.

You can get bonus by hitting your ball against the shiny “wall” to the left of the basket. When all four of the “bricks” get highlighted, you will a random bonus which helps you in acheiving more points.

However,the major selling point of this app is not about playing offline. It will definetely get bored after awhile. The best part of this game is that you are able to pit yourself against other players worldwide. If you select to play online on the front page of the game, you will enter contest games every few minutes. Your score will determines your ranking worldwide in real time.
Stardunk also support gamecenter. So if you have a friend with gamecenter account, go ahead and challenge them!

NOTE: When you first download the app, you will have 99 free online contest credits. Each online play uses 1 contest credits. Each online play last approx 2 minutes. So the 99 contest credits is used up pretty fast. In order to continue your online play, you either:

1) Purchase the in app upgrade with unlimited online contest credits.
2) Click on the ads and get 4 online contest credits.

Stardunk is definetely the best basketball app out there. It allows you to unlock balls, play with players worldwide,gamecenter support, what more could you ask?Hm,maybe if you could redeem money with your points? 🙂

Get your copy of StarDunk in the App Store today!

My ratings:

Gameplay: 4/5 (Gets you back craving for more)
Sounds: 3/5 (Not much sound)
Graphic: 3.5/5 (Good,but can be improved)

Overall: 3.5

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