Rina Aiuchi- Last Scene

Whew Package arrive today! I’ve been waiting for so so long, went down to open the mailbox almost everyday. But to my surprise it came to my house! It was suppose to be in the mail. ZZzz but luckily mum was not around so my sis got the package for me. πŸ˜€Β  9.56am Knock Knock Knock, Ding dong ding dong ding dong, Knock knock knock! What an impatient postman my door almost got ram down by the postman.

I Bought the CD+DVD Version of Last Scene which was Rina Aiuchi Last Album 😦        (Sob Sob)

I Love her songs ever since i listen to her all singles Best. She is my top listed singer in LastFm πŸ˜€ Good things does not last long she decided to end her career as a singer, so i decided to buy her last album which cost me around 50+ SGD. Japan Albums are always Damn expensive but is always the quality of the disc and songs that makes it expensive.

Heeh A true beauty πŸ˜€ ( Saliva dropping) hee HHEE don’t you agree?

12 songs + Documentation DVD

This Last Album Contains her 3 down-loadable Singles Which is track 2, 3 and 12. I really love her singing so powerful yet wonderful. πŸ˜€ The album contains lots of good songs. I love C.LOVE.R the most it is really a nice song. Lets have a look at the Cd.

Really a very nice color. Nice! It’s been quite a while since i seen a nice coating for the disc.

That being said the cover for the DVD coating is being well done too.

Although the Cover says it is 12 tracks but actually there’s a hidden track. Whew 1st time I’ve come across a album with a hidden track, although I’ve heard of Japan Music with hidden tracks, this is actually the 1st time i have come across one. The Last track which is Track 30 is the hidden track! You have to come across around 27 empty tracks which is actually 19sec-27sec. The Last track is untitled, Whew last album with hidden track and with nice CD and DVD. It also comes with a photo booklet lyrics. Well Done Giza Studio! After a release of 32 singles, 8 Full release Albums. This is a Must for Rina Fans!

Head over to her official site to check it out.Β  http://www.rina-aiuchi.com/

Album Tracks: 9.6

Album Design: 9.2

Support Rina by buying her album!

Comments are definitely more than welcome

P.s Pictures are too big πŸ˜€

2 comments on “Rina Aiuchi- Last Scene

  1. Wow I have no idea anyone in Singapore even have an idea who Rina Aiuchi is… they barely know who Ayumi is lol.
    How do you order them? My mom doesn’t allow me to buy from Amazon too, sigh.
    ps: who else do you listen to, besides Rina?

    • Hey Hello SL good afternoon to you πŸ˜€

      Oh why don’t your mum allow you to buy from amazon? Amazon is safe. You mean amazon.jp?

      I think most of the Singaporeans know ayumi as well as koda kumi. Well i listen to quite a number of artist as well. Quite long to write it out hahaa. Recent one will be JUJU, AZU, ABE MAO, BRIGHT, FAYLAN, GIRL NEXT DOOR, Jasmine, Iconiq, MIWA, SUperfly, YUI MAKINO, SHoko nakagawa.

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