Age Of Empires 3

From the Age of Empires Series, I bring to you my review of Age Of Empires 3.

Game Play:

Players will begin with an explorer and some settlers as well as a town. 1st players will begin in a discovery age, players must then explore and discover the maps and get resources by chopping down trees or mining gold.

Do remember to train out more settlers and with more settlers, you can increase the rate of getting resources, but do remember to build settlement houses as they will unlock  population limitations. From then on, you can advance to the next age which is the colonial age. From the colonial age, you can train out early military soldiers. Each advancement requires you to contribute resources so the point here is get more settlers and more houses in the early game. With an adequate amount of settlers you can then have resources faster, during the middle of the game there will be a serious lack of wood as almost everything requires wood. I don’t seem to have a problem with food resources and Gold, wood seems to be the major problem for me.

As you advance you are require to choose from 2 politician which will give different benefits to users, it includes shipments or resources. I recommend to have a early start up by building ports when you are in the Fortress age. You need to built battle ships 1st as they will then protect your port. Spread them out and then built the  transport vessel which is capable of protecting itself as well as fishing. Fishing is a great deal it provides user with unlimited amount of Food. So move your powerful battleships near the coastal area so that users who are late cant build ports as the battleship will automatically open fire to the poor settlers. The poor settlers will then fly off once the bomb hit them. 😀 Dominate the sea and there will be nothing to worry about. Plantations are fairly important too which is a must to build.

By this time users should be at the industrial age, pro players would already be in their final stage the imperial stage.

Whew by this time all military power would be available to you. Do remember to click on your country flag once you see a number beside it. It means you can do a shipment from your country to the place here. There are plenty of shipments such as food and wood resources which can be ship an infinite times. For the rest you can only ship once. But once you reach the imperial age, Items that you ship before can be ship for a 2nd time. I’m choosing the dutch civilization for some reasons 😀

Shipments from home needs XP, Xp can be gain once you kill an enemy.

Another important item will be the trading post. At the early start of the game you will be able to see horses galloping and they will run along a specific route. Build a trading post near those routes and after a full upgrade it will become a train station granting you this!


You will then go ahead and destroy the core parts of the village before a victorious win!

Whew there’s also a multiplayer mode available so go on claim victory!

Age Of Empires 3 doesn’t require a good PC in order to play. A normal built PC will do it’s job fine. The whole installation only took up 2.08gb of my HDD.Game play is smooth and loads fast too. A well done Game!

Review being Done on a:  Windows 7 32 bit , 4Gb of Ram, I7-930, N460GTX Nividia


Audio: 7.9

Gameplay: 8.5

Feel free to leave a comment. Comments are definitely welcome 😀

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