Saving SHSH Blob

Storing SHSH blob is a very important pre process before jailbreaking. It is a MUST DO process if you dont want to risk bricking your iphone and have no firmwares to revert to.

What are SHSH blobs?
SHSH blobs are specific to your device. It is nessesary for the downgrade of your iDevice through iTunes. SHSH are signatures signed by Apple. Everyime Apple releases a new firmware,they will stop signing the previous firmware. It is adviced to store your SHSH blobs frequently.

How to store SHSH blobs?
1) Download TinyUmbrella here. The developers update their program frequently,so be sure to update it.
2) Launch TinyUmbrella
3) Connect your iDevice

Select “Advance Options”
Select your device
Make sure “Request From” is set to “Cydia”
Click “Save my SHSH”
5)Your SHSH is now saved!

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition ETA:October 12th

UNCHARTED A game that really utilizes the PS3 system better than any other game.Β  UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves is finally in the game of the year edition. UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition will be hitting the stores of U.S retailers. I wonder when will SG retailers be bringing it in. 😦   For USD 49.99 around 65SGD this is the kind of GOTY that i considered quite expensive. πŸ˜€

But considering the amount of goodies that Naughty Dog put into this GOTY it is well worth it!Β  Continue reading

Fake jailbreak tool release

A fake greenpois0n tool had been released around the Internet.
This fake tool is a dangerous malicious program that steals user information.

It is still unknown if it steals user password.

Everyone should stay away from this fake tool. Do not believe in other jailbreaking tool, because when the official one is released, it will be announced on the development team website, and we will update everyone for it.

Once again, thank p0sixninja for this exploit. They are still working on the final stages of the jailbreaking.

Manga Reader & Downloader for Windows

Rejoice,Manga Fans! If you are those that enjoys manga, but got fed up waiting for manga to load up on your browser, you came to the right place!

Nowadays, Manga are getting more and more popular. More and more teenagers are hooked onto manga. There are many different series of manga, and it’s nearly impossible for anyone to read each and every manga.

Take Mangafox for example, they have a wooping large collection of 6000+ manga in the database,and still counting.

If you are a diehard Manga Fan, you should really consider these 2 programs:

– DomDomSoft, which acts as a downloader. (Download here).
– MangaMeeya, which acts a a reader. (Download here).

This 2 program works with each other very well.

Firstly, you use DomDomSoft to download your mangas beforehand, then,use MangaMeeya to point to the folder which you had downloaded your manga to, and start reading!


Search for your favourite Mangas to download.

All the chapters available for download

Use of checker tool to easily mark which chapters you want for download.

And there you are! Supports queueing of chapers downloads too!


The basic commands to navigate around the chapters

Reading Manga becomes enjoyable.

Set how you want to read manga

Adjust how the size of the manga is displayed.

Use them side by side with each other, and have a ultimate manga experience with zero loading time!

Rina Aiuchi- Last Scene

Whew Package arrive today! I’ve been waiting for so so long, went down to open the mailbox almost everyday. But to my surprise it came to my house! It was suppose to be in the mail. ZZzz but luckily mum was not around so my sis got the package for me. πŸ˜€Β  9.56am Knock Knock Knock, Ding dong ding dong ding dong, Knock knock knock! What an impatient postman my door almost got ram down by the postman.

I Bought the CD+DVD Version of Last Scene which was Rina Aiuchi Last Album 😦        (Sob Sob)

I Love her songs ever since i listen to her all singles Best. She is my top listed singer in LastFm πŸ˜€ Good things does not last long she decided to end her career as a singer, so i decided to buy her last album which cost me around 50+ SGD. Japan Albums are always Damn expensive but is always the quality of the disc and songs that makes it expensive. Continue reading